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Private Tuition

When it comes to learning to play guitar, nothing beats one-to-one tuition. Here at Fret Success Online Guitar Tuition we offer both Regular Lessons to help get you get on the right track with your guitar playing and also One-Off Lessons to help you get over that hurdle. We can deliver both Face-to-Face and Skype Online Guitar Lessons, so we can help you wherever you are in the world!! CLICK HERE NOW to ARRANGE YOUR FIRST LESSON to get your guitar playing adventure off to the right start, book a General Guitar Playing Check-Up, get help with that Hurdle You Just Can't Overcome or Start Regular Lessons to guide you from Beginner to Virtuoso!

Correspondence Guitar Lessons

It's very important to get the guidance you need at an early stage in your guitar playing, to lay the right foundations; in order for you to become the guitarist you want to and can be. CORRESPONDENCE GUITAR LESSONS are a great way to customise the way you learn guitar and tailoring lessons to your specific needs. This leaves you able to Concentrate on Each Stage of Your Playing without Distractions and eliminate frustrations such as figuring what you're doing wrong or why you're not progressing as fast you hoped. We have various CORRESPONDENCE GUITAR LESSON SUBSCRIPTIONS available to suit your budget and requirements, CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE about the most convenient online guitar lessons!


Are you at that stage in your guitar playing where  you've got the fundamentals down but you're stuck with where to go next? We've all been there and we're here to help you plan your progression to help you be the guitar player and musician you've always wanted to be. You can reach your goals much quicker with the right direction and guidance, let us be there to guide you! CLICK HERE to take the next step to a successful music career with our pro online guitar lessons and mentoring.