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You're probably wondering what Correspondence Guitar Lessons are?

Well our Correspondence Guitar Lessons at Fret Success will give you a tailored instruction program and routine, specific guidance and critical feedback via email to help you get started or progress as a guitarist.

We will give an in depth analysis of your playing and help you to define the right path for you to follow.

Every guitarist is different, whether you're a complete beginner or a full time pro who wants to develop their skills further, we can help you progress quickly and effectively.

We use tried and tested methods that are proven to work!

Correspondence Guitar Lessons

Correspondence Guitar Lessons are very different to any other online guitar course or instruction.

It's very overwhelming to try and determine the best approach to learning guitar. It's also far too easy to progress in a slow and inefficient way, such as endlessly searching YouTube hoping you come across the right lesson for you at the right time in your playing.

Let us guide you through your guitar learning with tailored correspondence tuition, which is tailored to your specific needs and ambitions.

Fret Success Correspondence Guitar Lessons have structured and tailored guidance, which will be customised to suit your needs as a guitarist and at the stage you are at.

It's very important to get the guidance you need at an early stage in your guitar playing, to lay the right foundations. It's also just as important to get the right guidance and feedback throughout the leaning process, in order for you to become the guitarist you want to and can be.


CORRESPONDENCE GUITAR LESSONS are a great way to customise the way you learn guitar and tailoring lessons to your specific needs. This leaves you able to concentrate on each stage of your playing without distractions and eliminate frustrations such as figuring what you're doing wrong or why you're not progressing as fast you hoped.

Taking this step will help you progress to the guitar player you have always wanted to be.

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